Girls Getting Sideways, VIDEO: Raw Wet Girl Action
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Feb.2013 6:03am

Michiko Yasue and Rie Shinmi from Kids Hearts drift team showoff the best of girls getting sideways with their Nissan Skylines. Girls and cars are always the best combo. They say that girls can’t drive but these girls are doing everything in there power to make sure they prove us wrong.  

More and more girls are entering the sport and it is really mixing things up. Most of the girls drifting are still coming out of Japan but you could see more entering into the sport else were as the drifting culture is becoming more mainstream.

We always like seeing something new and surprising and we are glad that Michiko and Rie are up for the challenge of entering a primarily male culture.

Check out this video called Raw Wet Girl Action from Maiham Media a leader in the drift and tuner scene. There is a lot of videos being released by them so keep your eye out for more to come……Got to love girls getting sideways


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