Google Chasing Down The Zero Driver Interaction Dream

Oct.2012 10:40pm

Google says it does not want to make cars, but instead will work with suppliers and automakers to bring its technology to the open marketplace. The company sees the project as an outgrowth of its core work in software and data management, and talks about reimagining people’s relationship with their automobiles.

Self-driving cars, Mr. Levandowski said, will give people “the ability to move through space without necessarily wasting your time.”

Driving cars, he added, “is the most important thing that computers are going to do in the next 10 years.”

“We have this technology,” said Marcial Hernandez, principal engineer at the Volkswagen Group’s Electronics Research Laboratory, up the road in Belmont, Calif. “How do we turn it into a product that can be advertised to a customer, that will have some benefit to a customer?”

That is the question left to be answered. Google is not affraid though and will follow this new technology to market.

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