Honda CHP Drones: Ideas to Help California Highways
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Dec.2012 4:18pm

Honda an there Advanced Design’s team (Jason Wilbur, Eddie Birtulescu and Raj Rihal) released some new ideas at the LA auto show this year. They have created the CHP Drone Squad. This squad is a vehicle system that’s designed to work efficiently with the congestion of California highways in the future year 2025. These drones have been developed to help response time with the current infrastructure that is in place.

The Honda Drone Squad is a 2 vehicle system. The Auto-Drone an un-manned mission control vehicle that then will deploy the Moto-Drones while on the move.

Moto-Drones are un-manned motorcycles capable of being step for response and rescue missions.

Honda has got me interested and I will be looking for more from the Advanced Design’s team.

John B. | World Car Scene

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