Infiniti’s Hatchback up Against the Audi A3 in 2015
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Dec.2012 2:58am

Infiniti is ready to chase after market share in the premium segment. They are doing the with their new Etherea hatchback concept which will become a production model in 2015.  We have been dealing with rumors since 2011 and Infiniti kept it a secret from the public until yesterday when they confirmed that this hatchback model will go into development and will arrive by 2015.

If the rumor prove true we are looking at three different engine options. Expect a gasoline engine, diesel engine, and also a hybrid power train that was featured in the concept at its debut.

Infiniti’s has big road bumps still in its way with their new compact hatchback. This is because of a market that is already dominated by other manufactures such as VW and BMW with the Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series. Not to mention the favorite hatchback of the last 20 years the VW golf.

The new hatchback model will be produced at the Nissan’s production base in Sunderland, United Kingdom. The addition of this vehicle is planned to bring 1,000 more jobs to plant. This is a good thing for a car that may have a short life if it can’t settle in and find a place in the market quickly.

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