Levitating Vehicle Concepts: Art Center Show 2012

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Dec.2012 7:34pm

Recently at the Art Center College of Design Degree Show 2012 Yana Briggs a car designer released two designs meant to study the future of the levitating vehicle.  The first design was a concept for a taxi in New York City call the Era-Motive Concept. The second levitating vehicle design was for a Mazda-sponsored project called the Mazda Code M Concept.

Yana Briggs had a series of models on display at the Art Center College of Design Degree Show 2012 that  were able to levitate. One of these was the Era-Motive Concept a concept developed from the business idea of creating a new take on taxi service for the modern day traveler.

The Era-Motive Concept uses what is called an EmDrive propulsion system. This system gives the concept the ability to hover one meter above existing roads. This feature allows the pilot peace of mind from the dangers of today’s infrastructure, weather conditions such snow, flooded roads and other hazards.

The Era-Motive Levitating Vehicle is designed with a center driving position for the pilot. There are then tree seats in the rear for passengers.

The other project Yana Briggs worked on is the Mazda Code M Concept.  This was a sponsored project given to Briggs by Mazda. The design was inspired by the falling motion of sycamore leaves and dynamic sculptures drawn into space through dance performance, according to carbodydesign.com. Yana Briggs said, “The idea was to conceptualize and envision the evolution of cars far out into the future and bring their design cues onto today’s traditional car package and drive train.”

The final result of the Mazda Code M Concept was two versions.  The first of the Concepts was built actually using the RX8 platform and the other was a model of a levitation vehicle propelled by Dyson bladeless fans.

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