2012 Nissan GT-R Custom Interior by Vilner Studios

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Jan.2013 7:27pm

The Vilner Nissan GT-R interior that they put together is a very unique project. Vilner Studios has alway held the highest standard of craftsmanship. The big over the top interior upgrade this time was the “starry sky” ceiling that was included inside this GT-R. It is said that only a few other cars have that feature and according to interior shot it is the first car in the tuning history to include one.

The materials that were used to craft this interior were the finest leather and Alcantara in black and crimson colors. The seats are all black leather but they include the cool red band set into their borders. They also included red stitching which creates rhomboid forms to give it that diamond stitching feel.

Overall this is a true piece of art and can only be held in the highest regards when it comes to tuner interiors. This surpasses even the nicest interior work on the most expensive vehicles in the world.

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