U.S. Government Begins To Study Self-Driving Cars

Oct.2012 3:58am

Self-driving cars are the way of the future and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finally launched a multi-year study to research regulations and determine standards for vehicles that don’t require driver interaction.

 Volvo is aiming to be the world’s autonomous vehicle leader and have got off to a good start.  Volvo developed the “road train” of self-driven vehicles in Spain earlier this year (below) and last week Volvo announced that it is aiming to introduce its “traffic jam assist” system in less than 18 months.  This system will allow such equipped vehicles to automatically accelerate, brake and make minor steering adjustments below 30 mph when in highly congestion areas.

Nissan and Toyota are testing models and most other major automakers have begun to atleaset research in the concept.

Look for this to make it’s way to the public soon. Car technology is moving us towards not driving at all.

-World Car Scene

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