Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

When submitting to from a website, blog or you’re just spotting an amazing car article and sharing it here there are some guidelines to help you post the best car news and information on the web for everyone to enjoy.

Who can submit a post to

Contribution is open to anyone who Creates a Free Account.

What can you post to

The post submission should be represented by an image of a vehicle or affiliated with the automotive industry- this could be a Car News article, Vehicle Review, Blog Post, Video, Book or even Technology, History and Design, the options for your posts are endless. promotes variety in there submissions. is moderated, which entails that the editorial team will review every post submission and will let you know of its approval to the site. Don’t be intimidated by us, every submission involving the world car scene is welcome.

How do you submit a post?

  1. Create a Free Account. There are no special requirements or qualifications to contribute; you only have to be a user to submit a post.
  2. Upload an image that is at least 250×250 px. You will be able to crop it to the right size and crop with the World Car Scenes image tool.
  3. Enter a link that goes to a blog post, news article, video or other detail page, not a site’s homepage and make sure that it is a permanent link.
  4. Write a descriptive caption that tells people what the article is and why they should read it.
  5. Assign categories and tags to your post to help other people discover your submissions.
  6. Submit your Post and wait while we moderate and publish your submission.

What gets published to

It takes more than just a pretty car picture. There are three things that make up a post submission: image, link and description. is a visually driven website, so the quality of the image is important. Images should be well-lit, accurately colored, have good contrast and be in focus.

Link -Must go somewhere with additional, interesting information about the automotive industry. We don’t usually publish submissions that link to a site’s homepage, to Flickr, or “middlemen.”

Description-You don’t have to be a professional writer; simply write a caption that is informative. At the very least, state what is in the picture and what the image links to. For example, if you are submitting a photo of a new Ferrari that just came out say, “New Ferrari just introduced in Italy to coming out next year. This Ferrari has new technology never seen before in a supercar.”

Please do not write advertising, marketing, PR, or a sales pitch captions such as. “Click here,” “Come check out…” “Learn how to…” We group all of it under SPAM and will not allow it on the sight. Let people read what they want and be genuine with your posts.

More things to help your post make it onto

-No spam.
-Only original content
-No duplicate submissions
-No multiple images.
-Make Image the right size
-No text or graphics in images (usually)
-Weird and interesting is best
-Create variety
-Add Categories and Tags

Moderation-After you make a submission, it may take up to 24 hours for your post to be moderated so be patient if it doesn’t show up right away. reviews every single submission, which includes clicking on the link regardless of what the image looks like. We never know if a bad image might link to the world’s greatest post of all time about Nissan Skylines; we wouldn’t want to miss out on that site.

We love cars here at so come out and show us your love for the automobile with us and submit a Post now and see it online soon.